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Our Associates & Partners

At SGB Associates we don’t pretend to know the answers to everything and try and provide advice outside of our sphere of knowledge.

Before we deliver any training course or business advice we tailor our approach, trainers and mentors based up the audience and industry it is being provided for.

We work with trusted, experienced trainers and business consultants that have worked in a wide range of industries.

Our areas of expertise include the following industries and business areas.

Joint Ventures

Finding the right partner, distributor or agent overseas can mean the difference between success and failure in new markets.


Our research and experience can help to open up new opportunities in a cost effective manner and give you more time to concentrate on finding the right strategy to open up new revenue streams and markets worldwide.

Professional Services

Financial and Legal services. Also including Architects, and business agencies.

Digital and Creative

All things digital from software, apps, mobile, games, TV, film, music, electronics, and a few more besides.

Food and Drink

Getting the right partners and contacts to penetrate into overseas food and drinks markets can be tricky. We can help take out some of the legwork and pain.

Medical Industries

Whether it is knowing the right exhibitions to attend depending on the overseas territories you are looking to make an impact in or just looking for feelers into new markets, our advice can same you time and wasted effort.

Social Enterprises

How to make an impact with your social enterprise at an international level.

We are always looking for good partners and associates that have a good international foundation and credentials. Please get in touch with us.