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Market Snapshot – Indonesia


Key Facts

Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world (245m) spread over 17,000 islands; it represents 40% of the economy in S.E. Asia and , 16th in the world and yet most people’s knowledge of the country starts and finishes with Bali.

This is another country with a young very tech savy population with 60% under 30 years old. Jakarta, the capital also vies for the accolade of worst traffic in the world and any visitor needs to carefully plan their trip or most of the day will be spent in a stationary taxi. Asking your contacts to meet you at your hotel or organising appointments through the British Embassy can be an enormous help as the city is also large and spread out.

If you do find yourself in Indonesia consider including a weekend to see more of the country and venture outside of the capital. There is a lot to see, people are very friendly, and there are good air services across the whole country.

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